Toshiba boosts SMEs’ energy savings with Stable Power Inverter



Air-conditioning systems account for the largest share (40%) of electricity used in an entire building.1 For the small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which make up 99% of all business establishments in the Philippines2, reducing cooling costs could help them save more on overall operating costs. As such, more efficient cooling solutions are necessary, not just to keep customers comfortable, but to also make SMEs become more profitable, eventually leading to enhanced economic growth. Toshiba leads the innovation for these businesses with the Toshiba Stable Power Inverter (SPI).


“Toshiba SPI is the first commercial air conditioning solution that offers a unique combination of exceptional part-load energy efficiency, high reliability, and tolerance to wide power fluctuations. It boasts an exceptional part-load efficiency of 20.8 kJ/kW-hr, which translates to high energy savings. Moreover, it uses the unique Twin Rotary Compressors that Toshiba has been perfecting for years and is proven to offer high energy efficiency ratio (EER) on part-load,” shares Rajan Komarasu, Group Director of Concepcion-Building and Industrial Solutions.


“Part-load conditions occur when occupancy and weather fluctuate throughout the day, which is actually more common for air-conditioned rooms in general. To ensure higher energy savings, consumers must look at the part-load EER, and this is where the Toshiba SPI sets itself apart from other air-conditioners,” he adds.


High reliability is also one of the advantages of Toshiba SPI, proven after having been tested and worked under the harshest conditions and worked non-stop under unstable power supply. It has a Self-Cleaning Operation using its aqua resin-coated fins, and Circuit Protection and Wide Power Fluctuation Tolerance protecting it against power failures.


Toshiba SPI is ideal for convenience stores, small offices, fast food chains, and banks, which run long hours throughout the day.


“Wide power fluctuations are concerns commonly faced by businesses in provinces, and Toshiba SPI’s high reliability is ideal by ensuring minimal downtimes. After a blackout, Toshiba SPI has a feature that will restart the unit at its settings just before the power went out. It also has an auto circuit protection, a sealed inverter box, and special coated printed circuit board to maintain stable operations,” Komarasu explains.


Concepcion-BIS offers Toshiba SPI as a Japanese-quality inverter that leads in innovation, while combining outstanding reliability, stable operations, and exceptional part-load energy efficiency. It represents a leap forward for cooling efficiency and sets the new industry benchmark in this sector of the market.


“We are committed to empowering SMEs as growth drivers and moving the economy forward with cooling solutions like Toshiba SPI,” Komarasu concludes.


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