Providing Uncompromised Comfort for Tropical Climate through Toshiba’s Thoughtfully-Designed VRF Technology


MAY 2018

The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) has warned Filipinos of alarming heat levels as it significantly increases every year. With a high heat index, the Philippines falls within the danger zone, where individuals are very prone to cramps and exhaustion and heat stroke is highly probable. This poses business and economic threat, where productivity and comfort of both the employees and customers are affected.


As an innovation leader when it comes to cooling technology, Toshiba, has been addressing issues like this since 1930, when it first released Japan’s first hermetic compressor for refrigerator. Since then, the Japanese company has been relentlessly pioneering solutions like releasing the world’s first inverter-based air conditioner in 1981.


Adding to Toshiba’s credentials, is the Super Modular Multi System 7 (SMMS-7). A culmination of seven generations, the SMMS-7, is the latest innovation utilizing of Toshiba’s Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology and is specifically built for tropical climate.


With a redesigned heat exchanger and intelligent VRF control, the SMMS-7 increases cooling efficiency by employing a longer path length with fewer paths and branches. It also showcases

a sophisticated software designed to control refrigerant flow and temperature.  Truly, Toshiba, backed by Alstra’s end-to-end excellence, takes its promise to provide ‘comfort, without compromise’ to the core.


“While the Philippines constantly transforms to being urbanized, there are some factors we cannot have control over. Lying on a region close to the equator, temperature can hit the roof and will have the tendency to affect our productivity. With Toshiba’s SMMS-7, we made sure that we can support the continuous transformation of the country by providing a cooling solution that is highly optimized with the environment we are in,” said Rajan Komarasu, Head of Alstra.



While its cooling power is unparalleled, SMMS-7 is feature-packed and powered by seven high technologies that provides intelligent local-fit solutions for clients. The intelligently-designed SMMS-7 is flexible, convenient, and high efficient.


Components are reengineered to reduce the system refrigerant by up to 30% to minimize environmental impact.  SMMS-7’s design also allows buildings, particularly real estates, more usable square footage that can be used for car parks, retail areas, or even sky gardens.


The SMMS-7 provides smart phone convenience. Downtimes are minimized through the Wave Tool App. Through this device, technicians are enabled to monitor system conditions and trouble shoot faults remotely without having to open up the outdoor unit. With performance data accessible over a secure network, technicians can perform diagnostics and respond more quickly.

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Residential establishment can also enjoy the benefits of this technology through the Toshiba Mini SMMS7. It is a cost-effective solution that is recommended to preserve building aesthetics of high-rise infrastructures with its compact and quiet condensing units compared to those available in the market



“With efficiency, flexibility, design, and conscious effort to provide an environment-friendly solution in mind, we are paving way for consumers to have an uncompromised comfort through sophisticated solutions,” concludes Komarasu.



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