Otis launches self-charging, battery-operated

home elevator

JUY 2015

What does today’s modern home look like? For one homeowner at an upscale village in Makati, it is the perfect combination of minimalist design and cost-effective technology.


Natural light streams through the home’s glass walls, requiring minimum energy consumption during the day.


Energy efficient air-conditioning also cools the home’s rooms, ensuring that these spaces are cool without excessive electricity consumption.


Completing the key features of the modern home is efficient mobility technology that allows its residents to move from one floor to another with ease. The Otis Gen2 Switch is one such type of efficient mobility technology—an energy-efficient elevator that can generate its own power.


More cost-efficient than a microwave oven

The Gen2 Switch elevator utilizes a rechargeable battery pack and is charged using Otis Regen Technology, which uses gravity to generate power. The battery is charged when the elevator descends with a fully loaded car or ascends with a lightly loaded car.


In the event that the energy generated by the elevator’s movement is not enough to maintain sufficient charge in the battery, the battery power is supplemented by the elevator’s connection to a standard single-phase power supply.


These features allow the Gen2 Switch elevator to be very energy efficient, consuming 81% less electricity than conventional elevator systems. It even takes more energy to heat food using a microwave oven than to use the Gen2 Switch elevator.


A homeowner whose house is outfitted with the Gen2 Switch elevator observes, “I was looking at my November and December electric bills and saw that the impact of the elevator in energy consumption was minimal.”



Ensures safety and reliability

The Gen2 Switch elevator is also designed to ensure the safety of users, making it ideal for use by the elderly in a home.


While conventional elevators use steel cables to move the car, the Gen2 Switch elevator runs on Otis’ patented Coated Steel Belts (CSBs), which is monitored 24/7 by Otis’ Pulse system. When this system detects signs of wear, the system alerts technicians who can easily determine the next steps for maintenance or potential replacement.


Moreover, since the Gen2 Switch elevator is primarily battery-powered, it can still operate during blackouts.


Sean Losty, General Manager of Concepcion-Otis Philippines, Inc. (COPI) explains, “During a blackout, the Gen2 Switch can make up to 100 trips utilizing energy stored in the battery, providing the same level of safety and reliability, regardless of the power situation.”



The Gen2 Switch elevator can also be customized according to a home’s design requirements.


Losty shares their experience in placing the Gen2 Switch elevator in a minimalist home. “We patterned its design according to the owner’s vision,” he says. “The concept was to make the outside scenery visible through the glass, building a connection between the passenger and nature.”


Losty adds that Gen2 Switch elevator is ideal for low-rise applications, including residential properties and commercial establishments.


A reliable partner

COPI goes beyond simply installing elevator systems in homes and other buildings. The company continues to be of service to homeowners, providing assistance whenever needed.


Modern living comes with investments and multiple benefits. The Gen2 Switch elevator proves that a home can function with minimal energy consumption, while providing homeowners with the comfort and luxury they need.



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JUNE 2015

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