Concepcion Building and Industrial Solutions lauds construction excellence of partner contractors

MAY 2016

Concepcion Building and Industrial Solutions (BIS) rewards partner contractors who are also committed to cater to the demands of the local market while delivering the same excellent quality of work that BIS is known for. Rajan Komarasu (leftmost), Group Director of BIS, and Raymond Lavarias (rightmost), Senior Manager of the Building Solutions Partner division, also recognized these business partners for their contribution to the business’ growth.



Concepcion Building and Industrial Solutions (BIS) awarded a number of its partner contractors, referred to as Building Solutions Partners, for their excellence in the construction industry, commitment to work with Concepcion BIS in catering to the demands of the market, and contribution to the growth of Concepcion BIS. The top two awardees were Escaño Builders and Developers, Inc. and Powertech Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning, and Industrial Services, Inc.


Rajan Komarasu, Group Director of Concepcion BIS, is optimistic that with the help of their capable business partners, the group is well prepared to support the thriving construction industry.


“The prospects for construction in the Philippines remain rosy,” Komarasu enthuses. “Construction is among the largest drivers of the Philippine economy, and with 15.2 million square meters of space ready for construction in the next two to three years alone and the increasing number of households in the Philippines that own air-conditioning units, we see the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) market reaching a value of Php37 billion in 2020.”


While Komarasu noted the slight dip in the urbanization rate in the country in 2015 as compared to the previous year, he pointed out that this was an indicator that construction activity has an opportunity to accommodate the demands of the fast-growing population.


“More customers prefer to talk to just one group who can offer all the solutions, including services in the engineering design, supply of the actual products, installation, project management, after-market services, and retrofitting. However, there are so many projects out there, and we cannot handle them all on our own,” shares Komarasu. “That is why we formed the Building Solutions Partner (BSP) division. We want to partner with companies that can replicate our end-to-end solutions and collaborate with us.”


“We tap contractors who share the same vision of transforming the industry,” adds Raymond Lavarias, Senior Manager of the Building Solutions Partner Division. “In return, more than providing competitive products and prices, Concepcion BIS provides technical training on installing and maintaining the products, marketing support, and lead generation for the contractor’s business, because it is also in our best interests to develop the capabilities of our partners, which will, in turn, support their business’ growth.”


The top two awardees worked with Concepcion BIS on projects that are worth over Php 10 million. Escaño Builders and Developers, Inc. provided services to a performing arts center in Bonifacio Global City, while Powertech Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning, and Industrial Services, Inc. serviced an electronics manufacturing facility in Laguna.


Komarasu takes pride in the benefits that working with BIS can bring. “We have more than 50 years of expertise in the Philippines, and being part of the Concepcion family-led business has earned us the trust and confidence of Filipinos. Most of all, we are a company that is known for its high ethical standards. We strictly engage in the right business practices, and likewise, we expect our business partners to do the same,” he emphasizes.


As of the first quarter this year, BSP has been working with 50 contractors. The division is seeing a pipeline of projects worth Php1 billion pesos and has enjoyed a 100% growth year-on-year since it began in 2014.


“We are grateful to our current partners for helping us deliver quality end-to-end solutions that give value to our customers. Seeing our growth in the past year, we are also confident that having the right partners will allow us to sustain our growth and further propel the construction industry as one of the biggest economic drivers of the country,” Komarasu concludes.


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